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Conservation Tips

Water is one of the most valuable resources in West Texas. It is our responsibility to use it wisely. In the event that Lubbock experienced a water shortage, a "Drought Contingency Plan" would be implemented which would strictly limit water usage by consumers. To prevent the need to implement this type of plan, Lubbock Water Utilities continues to evaluate water conservation strategies and is providing this brochure to its customers to suggest lawn-watering tips that conserve water. 

Use of these tips will help Lubbock Water Utilities continue to provide quality service for many years to come, and save you money.

  • Follow the Green Rule:

  • Know Your Grass Type:

  • Know Your Sprinkler:

  • Know Your Soil:

  • Know How Long To Water:

  • Know When To Water:

  • Consider Reducing Turf Area:

  • Consider Mulching Around Trees, Shrubs, and Flower Beds:

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