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The City of Lubbock is required to protect the public drinking water supply from an alternate water source by an approved backflow assembly or a CSI. In order to comply with this law, the City of Lubbock approved an Ordinance NO. 2017-O0143, which requires that a Reduced Pressure Zone assembly (RPZ) to be installed and tested annually, at the water meter or in lieu of installing an RPZ, a CSI to be conducted every three years.

What is backflow?

Simply put, backflow means an undesirable reversal of flow in the water distribution system. Common causes for backflow are main pipeline breaks and high rates of water withdrawal, however these incidents can be avoided with the use of backflow prevention devices. The City of Lubbock works hard to prevent backflow through ordinances requiring backflow prevention devices on home irrigation systems and at commercial businesses. Irrigation systems are required to have some sort of backflow prevention installed at the system’s source (where it connects to a drinking water supply). The backflow prevention assembly ensures that any substance on your lawn does not end up in your cup of coffee or glass of tea. Some substances that can enter the drinking water supply include pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

There are two types of backflow: 

  • Backpressure backflow, the pressure outside the water distribution system exceeds the pressure within the system.
  • Backsiphonage, potentially contaminated water flows back into the drinking water system. As a result from the pressure in the drinking water system falling below atmospheric pressure of the plumbing fixtures.

For more information: Businesses please call Barry Stephens at 806-775-3604; Homeowners please call Cesar Castanon at 806-775-2589. For emergencies please call Water Dispatch at 806-775-2588.

Simple Steps to Prevent Backflow:

Guard against cross connections. A garden hose is directly connected to the drinking water in a home, and is the most common cross connection. When using a chemical sprayer that connects to a garden hose or filling a swimming pool, a Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker attached to your hose faucet is required. Hose Bib Vacuum Breakers are inexpensive, widely available and easily screw on to your hose faucet. 

Make sure a backflow prevention device is installed on your home sprinkler system. Common devices are a Double Check Valve Assemblies and Pressure Vacuum Breakers. If you decide to install a lawn sprinkler system on your property, make sure that the water from your sprinkler system cannot contaminate your drinking water. You are required to install an approved backflow prevention device to prevent possible contamination of the drinking water supply.

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