Loading Zone Permit

A loading zone is the space or section of the street adjacent to the curb, set aside for the exclusive use of loading or unloading passengers, supplies or merchandise. 

The City Manager and his designee, the City Traffic Engineer, shall determine the location of loading zones in the City of Lubbock, with the Traffic Engineering Department issuing a work order for installation of signs and shall place and maintain adequate signs indicating the same, which shall be operative from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise specially authorized or permitted. Applications can be acquired from the Traffic Engineering Administration Offices. For the purpose of regulating and supervising loading zones and to provide a fund to cover all costs involved for installing adequate signs designating and identifying loading zones, there is imposed an annual charge for all loading zones as follows: 

a) Initial Installation: $200.00 plus $3.30 per linear foot. 
b) Existing Loading Zone: $3.30 per linear foot per year. 

The Traffic Engineering Department will thereafter invoice in December of each year and collect the renewal fee payable by January 15 of each subsequent year. If request for a loading zone is processed during the year, the charge is prorated accordingly. In the event the same is not promptly paid, the department will advise the City Manager that the signs notifying the public of the restrictions on parking shall be removed, the curbs repainted and the area otherwise restored to the previously existing character of parking.