Stop & Yield Signs POLICY

1. Staff can install citizen requested signs when an intersection meets Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) warrants or City Policy 

2. At the Mayor's or an individual Councilmember's request, staff can install signs if an intersection meets 75% of MUTCD warrants or policy. 

3. the Citizen's Traffic Commission (CTC) can recommend installation of stop signs in an intersection that meets 75% or more of the MUTCD warrants without additional cause; below that amount the CTC must find a traffic safety reason to warrant approval. 

4. If an intersection meets less than 75% of the warrants, then it must be recommended first by the Citizen's Traffic Commission (CTC). Staff will notify the requestor that the requested location does not meet 75% criteria and confirm if they want the request to go to the Citizens Traffic Commission. If requested to go to the CTC, staff will send out notices to the immediately affected area (usually 2-3 blocks in all directions) advising of a public meeting at the CTC for a requested traffic control change. Additionally, all requestors and the councilmember for that District will receive notice of the public meeting. Results of the citizens' responses will be given to the CTC. 

5. A disputed recommendation by the Citizen's Traffic Commission (CTC) may be taken to the City Council by the City Staff under appropriate circumstances for final determination. 

6. Staff comments when an item goes to the Traffic Commission will be limited to:
  • The fact that it does or does not meet warrants,
  • Percent of warrants that the intersection does or does not meet,
  • An aerial photo of the location,
  • Copy of citizen comments received per #4 above,
  • Questions by CTC, City Council, or the public.