During the September 10, 2015 City Council meeting, the City Council voted to direct staff to work toward changing the storm water rates. This process, which includes changing the billing system and testing the new billing rate structure, will take time to complete.

The existing rates will remain in effect until the formal change is complete.

New Storm Water Utility Fee Schedule

Residential Customers
 Tier Details  Rate 
 1  <2780 sq ft impervious area  $8.80/mo.
 2  2781-3680 sq ft impervious area  $13.48/mo.
 3  3681-4770 sq ft impervious area  $17.05/mo.
 4  >4770 sq ft impervious area  $25.58/mo.
Non-Residential Customers
 $25.58 per month for each 5,700 sq ft impervious area (ERU*) up to 150,000 sq ft impervious area
*ERU (equivalent residential unit) - 5,700 sq ft of impervious area


RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Have questions about your home's tier, including how your impervious area was calculated? Watch the video below for an answer and learn how you can estimate the total yourself.

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Storm Water Utility Fee FAQ

  • Why is the Storm Water Utility Fee changing now?

  • When will the change occur?

  • What is Impervious Area?

  • How is the fee determined?

  • Residential Property

  • What can I expect to see on my residential utility bill?

  • Non-Residential Property

  • What can I expect to see on my non-residential utility bill?

  • What does the Storm Water Utility Fee pay for?

  • How can a customer inquire about the impervious area for his/her property?

  • Who within the City of Lubbock should a customer call with questions about the Storm Water Utility Fee ?

  • What is the appeals process for the Storm Water Utility Fee?

  • Storm Water Utility Ordinance and Resolution

Only Rain Down the Drain!
We need your help! If you see sediment leaving an active construction site or if you witness a suspicious discharge entering the storm drainage system, please let us know. You can call the Stormwater Hotline at 775-3118 of fill out a Stormwater Complaint Report here.
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