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Report Damage to Property by a Refuse Truck

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Possible Damage Caused by Refuse Truck

Residents should call 775-2482 to report possible damage caused by the refuse truck.  Solid Waste foreman will make site visit to investigate reported property damage and contact resident within 1 – 2 days. If it is determined that the refuse truck caused damage, repair will be scheduled. Repair time depends on current fence repair backlog.

If it is determined that down cables or wires caused by the refuse truck, results in property damage, then after the Solid Waste foreman completes the investigation, the property owner will be required to file a claim with the City Secretary.

  • Electrical Wires – live wires down. Call LP&L 806-775-2587 or 806-775-2482.
  • Gas Meter – leaking gas. Call ATMOS at 1-800-692-4694 or 806-775-2482.
  • Water Meter – water leaking. Call 806-775-2482.