Radio-Controlled Boats

Radio-controlled boats are ONLY allowed on Buster Long Park - 56th Street and Aberdeen.

Permits are $10 Annually.

  1. All individuals operating radio-controlled boats must have a permit issued by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  2. All persons shall be required to become a member of the North American Model Boat Association (NAMBA) or to have liability and property damage coverage of at least $1,000,000.
  3. All City Ordinances must be observed.
  4. No vehicles may be parked or driven on park property.
  5. Parks and Recreation reserves the right to terminate any event and clear the park site if a nuisance or valid complaint regarding the event is identified.
  6. Permit holders are responsible for removing litter and properly clearing the park site after events.
  7. Noise levels from boats must not exceed 92 decibels.
  8. Radio-controlled boats must not be operated before 10:00 a.m.
  9. Family members are included with individual permit holders.
Permits can be purchased at the Parks and Recreation Office, 1611 10th Street!  For more information, call 775-2673.