If you receive a Ticket in the City of Lubbock, you have four options for handling the disposition of that ticket. You may either pay the ticket on-line, come to the court, for parking tickets only write the City Prosecutor explaining your circumstances, or set the ticket for trial. You have 12 days from the date of the ticket to appear. 

-Ticket Payment- 
You may pay a ticket in person, via mail or on-line

Pay in Person
Please bring your ticket and cash, check, money order, or credit card for the amount of the fine to Municipal Court, 10th and Ave J. You will need to have a valid driver's license or photo ID to handle your business at the court. 

Pay via Mail
If you prefer, you may send a check, money order, or cashier's check for the amount of the fine via first class mail. Send the ticket along with your check or money order to the Municipal Court. Write the ticket number on your check for identification purposes.

On-Line Payment

On-Line Payment

-Write the City Prosecutor- (FOR PARKING TICKETS ONLY) 
You may write the City Prosecutor explaining the circumstances of your parking ticket. The City Prosecutor will correspond back with you regarding their position on your ticket. If you disagree with the prosecutor's response, you may still set the ticket for trial and contest it in court. (See WARNINGS section below). The mailing address for the City Prosecutor can be found on the Municipal Court "Contact Us" page. The Prosecutor's Office is physically located in Municipal Square, at 9th and Avenue J.
-Set the Ticket for Trial- 
If you live in the City of Lubbock, you must appear in person at the Municipal Court in order to set your ticket up for trial. If you live out of the area, you may write to Lubbock Municipal Court at the Court's mailing address.

WARNINGS: The selection (or non-selection) of any option may have legal consequences regarding your driving record or other matters. You may consider consulting an attorney of your choice to advise or represent you (not mandatory) concerning matters pending in Municipal Court. 

The City Prosecutor represents the City of Lubbock and the State of Texas in criminal matters before Municipal Court. The City Prosecutor cannot represent any person appearing before the court and therefore does not advise individuals regarding their tickets, with the exception of parking tickets. In order to minimize the number of parking tickets going to trial, the prosecutor may receive written information from you regarding your circumstances, and then correspond back to you regarding their position on your ticket. 

If you wish to discuss the merits (facts) of your ticket with the judge, you must set the ticket for trial. This may be accomplished by contacting the judge’s office at Municipal Court at 915 Avenue J.