City of Lubbock Junior Ambassador Goodwill Program

The City of Lubbock's relationship with Musashino City, Japan began in 1986 when the two cities were paired as "sister cities" in an effort to promote international exchange programs involving youth. The two cities have taken turns sending groups of students around the globe to serve as representatives for their respective communities, and have thus established a close and mutually beneficial friendship. Students selected to serve as Lubbock Junior Ambassadors will spend one week in Japan and are required to spend the weekend (with their roommate) at the home of a local Musashino City family. 

How to Become a Lubbock Junior Ambassador
  • Complete the Junior Ambassador Program Application. Follow the application directions for submitting the application form, essay, and reference letters to the Jr. Ambassador Program Coordinator.
  • Attend an interview with a panel of City of Lubbock employees. Interviews consist of 10-15 questions regarding each student's interest and understanding of the program, academic and extra-curricular activities, personal strengths, and ability to fulfill the Junior Ambassador responsibilities (listed below). You will be assigned an interview time when you submit your application. After all applicants are interviewed, 16 students will be selected; all applicants will be notified of their selection status by mail.
Junior Ambassador Responsibilities

After the selection process is complete all Junior Ambassadors are required to attend weekly meetings throughout the spring until the group departs for Japan in June.

These weekly meetings educate the ambassadors about the Japanese language and culture, and allow time for the students to prepare for their talent presentation. Past participants, professors, and other experts about Japan visit with the Junior Ambassadors at these meetings. This allows the students to receive first hand information from people who have lived in or visited Japan. 

Weekly meetings allow constant communication with parents and assist with payment scheduling. Students gain an understanding of their role as a Junior Ambassador, the importance of their distinguished title, and the responsibilities that are inherent in that position.

One parent or guardian for each student is required to attend the first and final sessions to meet City staff/chaperones and review program policies and payment information.

Students prepare a talent presentation to perform for elected officials, staff, host families, and other program participants in Musashino City. The performance will reflect the culture and traditions of West Texas and emphasize individual talents. All Junior Ambassadors are required to participate in the talent presentation. Additional practices may be scheduled to improve the performance.

Students selected to serve as Lubbock's Junior Ambassadors are expected to display exemplary leadership skills at all times, not only during the delegation's time in Japan, but also in the months leading up to the trip. Students should consistently behave in a manner that reflects their role as a representative of the City of Lubbock. Students will show respect for all Lubbock instructors and chaperones and demonstrate a high level of respect and courtesy towards our hosts in Musashino City.

Travel & Expenses
All travel is arranged by the Junior Ambassador Program Coordinator according to the City Travel Policies & Procedures. Detailed itineraries, including host family contact information, is provided to parents and students prior to departure.

While traveling abroad, students may be dismissed from the program at the discretion of any adult sponsor. Should a student be dismissed from the program while traveling, the parent or legal guardian of the child is solely responsible for costs incurred by the City in returning the child home.

Students are responsible for the following expenses:
  • Airfare (Approximately $2000 USD)
  • Passport (Passport Fees Chart)
  • Insurance (Based on your company)
  • Spending Money
The following expenses are covered through the Junior Ambassador Program:
  • meals
  • ground transportation in Japan
  • hotel accommodations
  • group recreational/sight-seeing activities
A schedule is given to parents at the first meeting with estimated costs for the trip, deadlines for payment of airfare, spending money, passport, forms and other needed documentation.

The City will sponsor one fundraiser to help students raise spending money for their trip.