Child Immunization Info

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1. Children’s immunizations are provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS); therefore, in order for your child to receive these vaccines your child must meet one of the guidelines below:

  • Enrolled in Medicaid, or
  • Does not have health insurance, or
  • is an American Indian, or
  • is an Alaskan Native, or
  • is underinsured:
    • has commercial (private) health insurance, but coverage does not include vaccines; or
    • insurance covers only selected vaccines (TVFC-eligible for non-covered vaccines only); or
    • insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount. Once that coverage amount is reached, the child is categorized as underinsured.
2. The immunization clinic is a walk-in clinic. First come, first served. For a listing of clinic hours call 775-2914.

Children who qualify for vaccines will be charged $15 for one and $20 for multiple vaccinations, Medicaid is accepted; HOWEVER, no eligible child will be turned away for inability to pay for state-supplied vaccines.
4. For all children: A shot record must be presented at the time immunizations are requested (2 month olds are excluded unless received hepatitis B vaccine at birth).

5. All children under age 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

6. A variety of Adult vaccines are offered. Prices vary. Call 775-3090 to check on vaccine that are available and vaccine prices. On this website, you can go to the immunization site and see a listing of adult vaccines and prices.

7. To view an immunization schedule go to

8. Below is a listing of other clinics who provide childhood and adult immunizations:

Name of Clinic
Address Phone
Community Health Clinic of Lubbock 1318 Broadway 806-765-2611
Chatman Health Clinic 2301 Cedar Avenue 806-749-0024
Freedom Square Clinic 1301 50th Street, #E 806-762-3597
Larry Combest Wellness Center 301 40th Street 806-743-9355
Lubbock Children's Health Clinic 302 N. University OR
1301 Redbud Avenue
Parkway Health Clinic 406 MLK Blvd. 806-767-9744
Premier Health Clinic 4833 50th Street 806-771-3565
TTU Pediatric Clinic 3601 4th Street 806-743-7337
Arnett Benson Family Medicine Clinic 3301 Clovis Highway  
Westwind Primary Health Center 5520 4th Street 806-761-0475

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