Storm Shelter Registration

The City of Lubbock is initiating a Storm Shelter Registration Program. This free, voluntary program allows residents of Lubbock who own a personal severe weather shelter to register their shelter with the City of Lubbock.  Shelter registration is part of our effort to be proactive in response to rescue situations that can occur as a result of severe weather. 

This program will provide rescue personnel with valuable time saving location information should a storm shelter exit be blocked by debris or structural damage caused by severe weather. 

This information will be maintained by the City of Lubbock and used only in the event of structural damage from severe weather or other related incidents. 

If you live outside the Lubbock city limits, please contact your city or county Emergency Management office to inquire about storm shelter registration programs within that jurisdiction.  

It is only necessary to register your shelter once. Please fill out the form below.


If the location you are registering is a residence leave this field blank.


Type E for east or N for north addresses.
Apt # or Unit # if applicable


The above listed address has:

The basement or shelter is accessed from:

beneath garage floor; backyard 10ft from back door; above ground shelter in center of house
By signing below, I understand by registering my basement, underground storm shelter, or hardened above ground storm shelter, that those areas may be checked for entrapment by debris, following a severe tornadic event. I further understand that it may be an undetermined amount of time, depending on the size of the emergency, before a rescue attempt may be initiated at my location. With my signature, I release the City of Lubbock from any liability, for any event that occurs due to delayed rescue. I further acknowledge that any record created is subject to the Texas Public Information Act.
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