Catholic Charities

Parent Empowerment Program

The Parent Empowerment Program assists low-income single parent households and a limited number of dual parent households to transition out of poverty. The Parent Empowerment Program is a higher education program that enables the parent to obtain education that will provide better opportunity for employment and a better paying job.

All persons assisted are below CSBG income guidelines and live in Lubbock County. In the last few years, hundreds of people have transitioned out of poverty through the assistance of the Parent Empowerment Program.
The initial inquiry is a phone call for information about the program. Information is documented and allows the Case Manager to make referrals to other agencies if the client requests it or needs it. The determination is made whether the client qualifies for the program and if he/she are a good candidate for Case Management.

Direct services that are provided include assistance with tuition and fees, books and uniforms and support services such as child care, transportation, utilities, rent and other basic needs that will ensure they remain and complete the program and transition out of poverty.

After the intake/interview process the client is provided with Case Management and meets with the Case Manager at least once each month. During these meetings, the Case Manager asks pertinent questions to determine how the student is progressing. At this time referrals for tutoring and other types of assistance are made if needed or requested.

Once client completes the program, starts employment and earns income above poverty level and transitions out of poverty, they are tracked for 90 days to determine if they remained self-sufficient. Once client has transitioned out of poverty for 90 days their file is completed and closed.

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