Emergency Solutions Grant

The New Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) replaces the previous Emergency Shelter Grant and incorporates components from the Emergency Shelter Grant and the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program. The new ESG provides services to homeless and at risk individuals and families under the following components:

Street Outreach: 1. Engagement, 2. Case Management, 3. Emergency Health Services, 4. Emergency Mental Health Services, 5. Transportation, 6. Services to Special Populations.

Emergency Shelter: 1. Essential Services, 2. Rehab and Renovation of facility, 3.Shelter Operations.

Homeless Prevention: 1. Rent and utility assistance for individuals and families who have experienced a recent (30 days) loss of income and have an eviction notice for rent or a disconnect notice for utility assistance.

Rapid Re-Housing: 1. Housing Relocation and Stabilization Services, 2. Short-term and median-term rental assistance, 3. utility assistance, 4. moving cost, 5. housing placement, 6. case management, 7. legal services, 8. credit repair.

Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS): 1. Computer software program required of all recipients and subrecipients to gather data and enter into the HMIS to track services provided.

The following agency/providers funded under the Emergency Solutions Grant provide different services under one or more of the components: