Veteran Resources and the Veterans Advisory Committee

Veterans Advisory Committee
In 2014, the Lubbock City Council established the Veterans Advisory Committee in the interest of recognizing the contributions of one of the most honorable segments of our local citizenry, our veterans.  In addition, they established the Committee for the purpose of deliberating, identifying, and communicating to the City Council and local veterans the various benefits and assistance available to veterans, and to recommend methods for coordinating and otherwise improving the delivery of services to the women and men who have served our country in the armed services, and further to offer recommendations on a continuing basis as to any unfulfilled needs of those veterans.

Mission - The mission of the Veterans Advisory Committee is to assess current veteran programs and services, identify existing gaps and specific unfulfilled needs, particularly during times of transition, and to prioritize and make recommendations to City Council on various aspects of the Lubbock veteran population to improve the quality of life for all Lubbock citizens.

The Committee is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of our veterans and to the overall improvement of the city by leveraging and incorporating veteran skills, training and education.  The Committee will identify opportunities to make our community safer, healthier and more productive as a result of improved awareness and interaction with the Lubbock veteran constituency.”

Vision -  To be the lead city in Texas where veterans succeed and the community prospers.

Veteran Resources
In an effort to assist local veterans, current military and their families, the Veterans Advisory Committee has compiled a list of local, State and Federal resources.  If you know of an organization that assists veterans that is not included on the Veterans Resource list, please email

Lubbock Veteran Resources

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