How do I report a contractor?

A citizen may wish to report a contractor for a number of different reasons, be it for shoddy workmanship, unscrupulous business dealings, or violations of laws, building codes or ordinances. The reason for the citizen’s complaint, as well as the type of contractor, will determine whether any and/or what regulatory agency, including the City of Lubbock, has jurisdiction in the matter.

“Contractors” are loosely defined as those persons or entities who contract with a citizen to perform work that is governed by the construction codes and ordinances enforced by the City of Lubbock. Generally, this includes- but is not necessarily limited to- building contractors, remodeling contractors, plumbers, electricians, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration contractors, and irrigation contractors. All of these except building and remodeling contractors are also governed by one or more State of Texas licensing agencies. To determine what agencies would be involved for a particular contractor type, as well as how to contact those agencies in order to verify licensing status, please see “Verify contractor credentials and status”. Please be aware that each state licensing agency has a specific complaint filing procedure (see below) and that they take citizen complaints very seriously, and though they may move slowly, they get results.

A citizen can and should report any contractor to the City of Lubbock Building Inspection Department who has been observed doing the following:
  • Performing work for which a license is required without the necessary license, or in violation of any State of Texas licensing law which is applicable (See “Verify contractor credentials and status”);
  • Performing work for which a City of Lubbock permit is required without the necessary permit; to determine whether a permit is required for certain classes of construction work (See “Do I need A Permit?”);
  • Performing work in violation of the technical codes applicable to that work (poor workmanship might or might not also be an actionable violation of a technical code requirement-See “Adopted Codes & Local Amendments”);
  • Concealing work for which a permit is required without having first obtained a permit and inspection approval;
  • Soliciting another party, including a homeowner, to illegally obtain a permit on the contractor’s behalf (the permitted person must perform the work).

The citizen reporting the contractor may do so anonymously, if desired; however, the citizen should understand that all such information is kept strictly confidential and cannot be reported to anyone if given in confidence.

Citizens wishing to report a State-licensed contractor may contact the City of Lubbock Building Inspection Department at (806) 775-2087, through the Citizen on-line portal, or by contacting the appropriate State Licensing Agency (see above). Generally, complaints involving unscrupulous business dealings can only be handled through the State or the local Better Business Bureau.

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