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New Water Service
Water Utilities maintains the City of Lubbock water meters and water pipeline systems. If you need to set up water service, you will need to call Lubbock Power & Light at 806-775-2509 to set-up a new account. LP&L will provide you information about any required deposits and billing information.

How to Move my Water Service to a New Address
If you are moving and need to transfer your water service to your new address, you will need to call Lubbock Power & Light at 806-775-2509 to provide them with your new address and date that you are moving.

How to Terminate my Water Service
If you do not need Water Service any longer, you will need to call Lubbock Power & Light at 806-775-2509 to provide them with the ending date of service and arrangements for paying final water bills. Your water service can be discontinued on the scheduled date to avoid unnecessary charges for water you are not using.

How to Request the addition of a Meter or structure to my Property
If you are adding an irrigation system to your property and require a separate irrigation meter to operate this system properly, you will need to contact Water Utilities Engineering at 806-775-2333 to set up this additional service on your account. You will need to know what size meter is required to maintain and operate your irrigation system properly and your licensed plumber of irrigation specialist can provide that information to you based on your system.

How to Request the removal of my irrigation meter
If you would like to have your irrigation meter removed, you will need to contact the Water Utilities Dispatcher at 806-775-2588 (Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) to request the removal of your irrigation meter. Water Utilities will remove the meter at your request but is not responsible for connecting your irrigation system to your domestic meter or your domestic line to your irrigation meter – that is the property owner’s responsibility.

To locate current Water Rate Information
The water rates are approved by the City Council. To view the most current rates, go to the Water Rate Information Page.

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