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How do I become a backflow tester?

Individuals who will be doing backflow testing within the City of Lubbock will need become a registered tester with the City of Lubbock and must completely fill out the Backflow Tester and Gauge Registration Form. The form must be presented in person to:
Water Utilities
402 Municipal Drive
Lubbock, Texas 79403

A copy of a BPAT license, a photo ID, and Instrument Calibration Report on the gauges from a factory authorized service center needs to accompany the form. The tester will also need to bring in gauges when they register so that serial numbers can be verified and recorded in the City’s database. All information listed above must be presented in person otherwise the request will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.

Helpful information:
  • All gauges must be listed with the City of Lubbock.
  • You must use City of Lubbock Test & Maintenance Form.
  • Once the test has been completed the original Test & Maintenance Form must be mailed or delivered to the Water Compliance Department within 10 days of testing the device.

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