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What exterior & energy-efficient home repairs are available and how does someone qualify for assistance? (HEEELP)

The main purpose of this program is to improve neighborhoods by helping low to moderate-income families and individuals within the city limits by making limited exterior repairs and/or to provide energy efficient improvements to the home. This program generates income, which is returned to the program for future use.

Eligible Repairs: heat & air, roofs, sidewalks & driveways, fences, painting, windows & doors, water heaters , termite extermination, fill in dilapidated cellars & basements, insulation, other energy efficient measures (as recommended by the Housing Inspector).

What is the purpose of the program?

To provide exterior and energy efficient type repairs to owner-occupied single-family homes. Eligible repairs include the following:
  • heat & air
  • roofs
  • sidewalks & driveways
  • fences
  • painting
  • windows & doors
  • water heaters
  • termite extermination
  • fill in dilapidated cellars & basements
  • insulation
  • other energy efficient measures (as recommended by the Housing Inspector)
On houses built prior to 1978, Lead Base Paint regulations may come into play. In these cases, additional expenses may be incurred to cover lead reduction. If the cost of alleviating lead is too costly, the case may be ineligible for assistance.

How does the Program Work?

Eligible applicants may qualify for a low interest rate loan (BMRL) and/or a forgivable loan at zero interest (NIDP).

Very, very low income applicants may qualify for a straight NIDP Loan. Other applicants will qualify for a combination of both loans. The higher the applicant’s income, the more the BMRL loan.

Below Market Rate Loan (BMRL) - This is a 3% loan with a flexible term up to 10 years. The maximum loan is $15,000.00.

No Interest Deferred Payment Loan (NIDP) - This is a forgivable loan over a 5-year term. Recipients of this loan must own and occupy the property during the term of the loan. Maximum loan is $15,000.00.

Program Requirements

  • Homeowner & resident of single-family home within Lubbock City limits.
  • Be at or below 80% of Median Income for family size.
  • Provide recorded Warranty Deed.
  • No delinquent government debt or judgments.
  • Property taxes must be current.
  • Stable Income and ability to pay debts.
  • Meet debt-to-income/ housing expense-to-income ratios.
  • Property hazard insurance required at closing of loan.
  • Other qualifications as required.

Income Guidelines

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