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Food Establishment Permit Information

Who needs a Food Establishment Permit?
Anyone serving food to the public.

Exceptions: Non profit organizations who do not charge for food (soup kitchens, etc.)
Charitable organizations that are selling only prepackaged, non potentially hazardous foods such as cookies, cakes, or brownies as a fundraiser.

How to get one: visit us at 1902 Texas Ave., bring a set of blueprints that identify the kitchen area, restrooms, and all equipment placement. Fill out an application, schedule a risk assessment and pre-opening inspection with an inspector, and pay the corresponding fee.

Types of Permits
Risk 1: $100.00
Risk 2: $175.00
Risk 3: $270.00
Risk 4: $350.00
Temporary permits (under 14 days): $50 for the first two days, then $10 a day after two days
Sample permit: $25 for the first two days, then $5 a day after two days
Food Processing 0-1000 Sq. Ft.: $135.00
Food Processing 1001-5000 Sq. Ft.: $160.00
Food Processing 5001-10000 Sq. Ft.: $180.00
Food Processing Over 10000 Sq. Ft.: $205.00

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