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Do I qualify to have handicap accessible items built or installed in my home? (Barrier Free)

This program is designed to assist citywide, low-income homeowners in obtaining handicap accessible items within single-family structures.

Eligible repairs include: building/installing wheelchair ramps, grab bars, accessible showers, handicap toilets, sinks/faucets and widening of doors.

Please read below for more detailed information to see if you qualify.

NOTE: Funding begins October 1st each year and is limited.

Program Guidelines

The Barrier Free Living Program is designed to assist eligible families and individuals with accessibility needs for the disabled.

"Qualifying applicants must be disabled owner occupants of a single family residence or be the primary caretaker of a disabled person living on a permanent basis in the owner-occupant’s home".

The Barrier Free Living program is designed to assist in the following specific areas of repair:

Grab bars ● Wider doors ● Wheelchair ramps ● Accessible showers ● Accessible toilets, sinks, and faucets ● Accessible cabinets ● Lower electrical switches ● Other necessary accessible items

Limits of Assistance

The average grant for the Barrier Free Living Program is $7,500.00 plus costs to address lead base paint.

This program is designed to provide a one-time grant for qualifying applicants, within the limits of the City of Lubbock.

The program is designed to assist in specific areas of repair.

Intake Procedure

Initial contact is made by the client or by referral from another agency. At the time of the intake interview, the client is required to fill out the application and furnish the following documents:
  • Proof of income for household.
  • Warranty Deed or Contract of Sale in homeowner-occupant’s name.
  • Current tax return
  • Proof of disability
  • Picture Identification
  • Social Security Card

Program Applicability

The beneficiaries of the Barrier Free Living program are elderly and/or disabled, low-income families living in the City of Lubbock. (Verification of income and proof of home ownership are required for the Barrier Free Living program.)

Mobile Home owners may qualify if they own both the home and the land.

Income limits for this program are 80% of median adjusted for family size.

Repair Process

The Community Development Department maintains a list of approved contractors.

The Housing Inspectors will write up specifications on each case after a thorough inspection of the house.

The contractors will then bid on the repairs. Once a bid is awarded, a Proceed Order will be issued to the contractor and work may begin.

A contract between the contractor and the homeowner will be executed. There will be a one (1) year warranty on all work performed.

A smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector will be installed in all houses receiving Barrier Free assistance.

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Income Guidelines

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