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Backflow Testing Information

Backflow Testing Information

What is Backflow?
Simply put, backflow means there is a potential for contamination in the water distribution system. Common causes for backflow are main breaks and high rates of water withdrawal (fire fighting), however these incidents can be avoided with the use of backflow prevention devices. The City of Lubbock works hard to prevent backflow through ordinances requiring backflow prevention devices on home irrigation systems and at commercial businesses.

For more information: Businesses please call 806-775-2604; Homeowners please call 806-775-2589.

Backflow Prevention
Preventing backflow is an important part of maintaining a healthy water supply. The City of Lubbock’s water distribution system is designed to carry water from the water treatment plant to the consumer. Cross connections, or connections between potable water in the distribution system to any non-potable water, exist. These connections make the water distribution system susceptible to backflow, which is the reversal of water flow from its intended direction. In other words, non-potable water could be introduced into the distribution system.

For MORE details on Backflow Prevention and tips please visit the Backflow Prevention Page.

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