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Storm Water FAQs

  • 1. What is a Playa Lake?

  • 2. Why are Playa Lakes important?

  • 3. How do we protect the playa lakes?

  • 4. Is non-organic material bad for our playa lakes?

  • 5. Why we should recycle?

  • 6. Why do some playa lakes overflow onto developed properties when heavy rains occur; for instance, sometimes Buster Long floods the South Plains Mall parking lot after heavy rains?

  • 7. Why do some streets flood when heavy rains occur?

  • 8. Why aren't there more storm sewers in the newer developments in Lubbock?

  • 9. What are the development fees for connecting newly developing properties to the City's storm sewer system?

  • 10. Does the City monitor the water quality in the playa lakes?

  • 11. Does the City own all of the playa lakes in and around Lubbock?

  • 12. Does Lubbock have a Storm Water Utility?

  • 13. When is the playa lake in our neighborhood going to be developed into a park?

  • 14. What does dedicate or dedication mean?

  • 15. Does the City have aerial photographs and contour maps of the city in digital format?