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Community Education

There are many ways to become involved in protecting water resources in our community. Citizens and civic organizations may volunteer to participate in any of the following ways:
  • Organize a playa lake clean up event in your area
  • Organize a storm drain marking party
  • Request Storm Water Management personnel to give a presentation to your civic organization
  • Use the Storm Water Hotline, 806-775-3118, to report Storm Water issues
Permeable Surfaces Reduce Runoff
Another way to take action against Storm Water pollution is to incorporate pervious material and sustainable design into the landscape. Instead of using concrete in driveways and patios, opt for pavers or pervious pavement. Surfaces that allow Storm Water to infiltrate rather than simply run off, offer many rewards. First, pervious surfaces reduce runoff or the volume of water flowing through your community infrastructure (roads, pipelines) and thus reduce the wear, tear and volume capacity necessary to cart the water away. Second, when Storm Water runs down driveways and into the streets and storm drains or playa lakes, it picks up chemicals, contaminants and litter along the way. If you can do your part to reduce the amount of water leaving your property, you can begin to make a difference in the pollutant loading in your local water bodies. 

Smart Landscaping Reduces Runoff
Landscaping right-of-way regions greatly improves curb appeal, while detaining and thus reducing runoff and allowing Storm Water to infiltrate. Also, plant materials are very effective mechanisms to contain and remove pollutants from Storm Water runoff. Incorporating SmartScape plants into your right-of-way beautifies your yard and helps keep our waterways clean! 

Rain Barrels Reduce Runoff
Rain barrels are a great way to conserve drinking water and reduce Storm Water runoff. Lubbock receives about 18 inches of rainfall each year. You can collect rainwater from rooftops in mosquito-proof containers. The water can be used later on lawn or garden areas. Even if you do not have a gutter system on your home, rain barrels can be strategically placed to function effectively. If you are interested in attending a Rain Barrel Make and Take Workshop, please call Jennifer Simek at (806)790-3921 at Lubbock Memorial Arboretum or email or visit