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Tips for Doing Business with the City

  • Be sure that your firm's name is placed on our vendor list. If your firm is not on our vendor list, please request a Vendor Registration application form. Complete the form and return it to the Purchasing Department.
  • Get to know the purchasing needs of various City departments.
  • Follow bid advertisements in the Avalanche Journal and the Internet.
  • Read the bid documents thoroughly and follow all instructions and conditions. Complete all forms and submit all information requested. Failure to do so could result in rejection of your bid.
  • Contact us before the bid opening about concerns or proprietary specifications.
  • Be sure that your bid is submitted before the specified closing date and time.
  • Follow up on submitted bids; access the Vendor Information Program Web Page, find out who won the award and at what price.
  • Obtain a purchase order document or purchase order number before filling an order.
  • Maintain a good reputation for service and reliability.
  • Ask Questions.