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Benefit Association

Lubbock Police Department's Benefit Association (L.P.D.B.A.)
PO Box 2000, Lubbock, TX 79457

Please contact one of the following persons if you have any questions about the L.P.D.B.A. or know of a member in need of our services:

L.P.D.B.A. Member Phone Number Email
Mary Trent (806) 775-2410
Katherine Wilkinson (806)775-2738
Sharon Simmons (806) 775-2788

The Lubbock Police Department's Benefit Association (L.P.D.B.A.) has served the employees of the Lubbock Police Department since the 1940’s. It is an organization made up exclusively of police officers and employees of the Lubbock Police Department. The L.P.D.B.A. is not supported or funded by any state or national organization. The purpose of the association is to show support and appreciation for our officers by providing several benefits to them and their families. These benefits include:

  • A plant or gift basket when a member or their immediate family are hospitalized.
  • $1000 death benefit in the unfortunate circumstance of a member’s death.
  • Emergency funds for members in dire financial need due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.
  • Yearly retirement reception including token of appreciation for retirees (badge mounted on a plaque for officers).
  • Maintenance of the Memorial Plaques at the police department displayed in honor of officers killed in the line of duty.
  • Financial support of charitable organizations and events that involve officers and members of the department.

All funds raised by or contributed to the L.P.D.B.A. are controlled and distributed by an Executive Board made up of members of the association. All board members are police officers or employees of the Lubbock Police Department.

The L.P.D.B.A. discontinued its participation in telemarketing in approximately 1997. Since that time, fundraising efforts have been limited. Although telemarketing programs are lucrative, we refuse to participate. We do not want to be associated with businesses that profit greatly in our name while only providing a small percentage of funds to the members of the department. If you would like to contribute to our organization and support those that make up the thin blue line, please contact one of the people listed above or mail correspondence to our address listed above. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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