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Immunization Services: Imm Trac

What is ImmTrac?
ImmTrac is a free service provided to you by the City of Lubbock Health Department. This service plays an important role in protecting your child from many dangerous diseases . . . illness that could even hurt or kill your child.

ImmTrac works by allowing immunization providers across Texas to record and store the information necessary to correctly identify your child and to track his or her immunization status. This information includes the child's name and address, the name of the parent or guardian, information on the shots given, and who gave them. The Medicaid number is also included if your child is enrolled in the program. Other information, such as the Social Security number may be provided, but the is up to the parent or guardian to decide.

The information in this database is kept very secure and confidential, and made available only to persons authorized by law to see it.

How does ImmTrac protect my child?
Providers authorized to use ImmTrac can see what immunizations your child has already had, even if they were given in another city or country. So when you come in for shots, your child gets only those that he or she needs.

This means that your child won't be under-vaccinated and more susceptible to diseases. Your child won't be over-vaccinated either, so he or she does not have to go through any more discomfort than is necessary.

ImmTrac can also print out a shot record you can use to get into school or daycare.

Using ImmTrac, immunization providers can remind you to bring your child in for shots that are due, or to notify you about shots that are overdue.

How can I get my child's immunization records into ImmTrac?
Participation in ImmTrac is voluntary. To have your shots put into the database, talk to the clerk who is completing your birth certificate. Or, when you take your child to a clinic or to the doctor's office for shots, ask if they use ImmTrac or send their shot records to ImmTrac. If they do, give them your consent to have your child's records put into ImmTrac.

How can I find more information on ImmTrac?
Call: 1-800-252-9152


On the Web at:

Write to: Texas Department of State Health Service
1100 West 49th St.
Austin, TX 78756