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Carolyn Walker

Mystery Man by Carolyn Walker
As an artist, I have a deep and compelling feeling that drives  me to create new works of art. When the creative juices are  flowing, it is all-consuming and I do not want to stop  painting until the piece is finished.
My constant goal is to create something that is both  beautiful and unique. I love to work with lots of color and to  see how the colors react to each other. I also enjoy seeing  how much strong shadows improve a painting. Currently, I am emphasizing strong lights and strong shadows in my  paintings.

Since I work in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, this enables me  to guide and teach my students much more effectively.  Some of my students may be working in one medium while  others in the same class are working in another medium but  I can make the transition smoothly. I can share their  successes and this the best part about teaching art to  others.

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Upcoming Classes:

In this course, students will explore and experiment with watercolors and creating textures with artificial spiderwebs, yarn, and other materials on Yupo paper.

Wednesday, October 8th 
from 10AM-3PM - $50
$25 supply fee paid to the instructor