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Housing Rehabilitation

The Housing Rehabilitation Program assists qualifying very low, low, and moderate-income homeowners in target areas to rehabilitate their home with a combination payback and forgivable loan. Temporary Relocation Services are provided under the City of Lubbock’s Optional Relocation Policy during the rehabilitation.

Purpose of the Program To bring homes located in the City of Lubbock into compliance with the minimum housing code. This includes:

Heating ● Plumbing ● Electrical Systems

Other repairs which can be done include interior and exterior painting, roof replacement, installation of storm windows, storm doors, insulation. (bedroom or bathroom additions may be approved under limited conditions).

On houses built prior to 1978, Lead Base Paint regulations may come into play. In these cases, additional expenses may be incurred to cover lead abatement, or if the cost of alleviating lead is too costly, the case may be ineligible for assistance.

Program Requirements

1. Home must be located in a targeted area.

2. Homeowner & resident of single-family home within Lubbock City limits.

3. Be at or below 80% of Median Income for family size.

4. Provide recorded Warranty Deed.

5. No delinquent government debt or judgments on credit history or title search.

6. Property taxes must be current.

7. Stable Income and ability to pay debts.

8. Meet debt-to-income/housing expense-to-income ratios.

9. Property hazard insurance required at closing of loan.

10. Other qualifications as required.

Target Areas 2009-2013

targetArea 5 Years

Under the Lubbock City Council‘s guidance, the Community Development Department takes a concentrated approach to community revitalization. By choosing small areas in which to concentrate programs, success will be realized sooner. HUD considers Block Group areas eligible if over 51 percent of their population is below 80 percent of the median income for the City of Lubbock. Areas, which are eligible under this definition, are considered for targeting. Needs and conditions of all eligible neighborhoods are evaluated in the process. Target areas are chosen through a process that coordinates recommendations of Community Development, Services Board members, neighborhood associations, citizens, and the City Council.

North Loop Boundaries
North Loop 289 – MLK Blvd. –
Ursuline St. – Ash Ave.

East Loop Boundaries
East Loop 289 – 4th St –
Idalou Highway

Ave. Q Boundaries
Ave. Q – 30th St. – Ave. L – 42nd St

Amherst Boundaries
Amherst St. – University Ave. – Santa Fe Dr. -
North Detroit – 2nd St. – Indiana Ave.

Income Guidelines

Applicants must be at or below the following:
Federal Income Guidelines

Family Size 80% of Median Income
for Lubbock County
1 $33,000
2 $37,700
3 $42,400
4 $47,100
5 $50,900
6 $54,650
7 $58,450
8 $62,200

What Home Improvement Loans Are Available?

Below Market Rate Loan (BMRL): This is a 3% loan with a monthly payment. Terms up to 30 years are available. The maximum loan is $52,500.00.

No Interest Deferred Payment Loan (NIDP): This is a forgivable loan over a flexible term. Recipients of this loan must own and occupy the property during the term of the loan. Maximum loan is $52,500.00.

Very, very low-income applicants may qualify for a straight NIDP Loan. Other applicants will qualify for a combination of both loans. The higher the applicant’s income, the more the BMRL loan.