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Lead Paint Information Page

Lubbock Texas is a pioneer in the efforts to protect our homeowners and their families from lead paint hazards.

Lead Based Paint
Sept. 15, 2000 began the mandatory processes outlined in the links below. Taking the Lead on Lead Based Paint In 1997, the Community Development Department of the City of Lubbock set aside $85,000 of CDBG funds for LBP projects, equipment, and training. From 1997-1999 pilot projects were completed with these funds. These projects provided data showing the impact of LBP on future projects. When the final rule on LBP came out the City of Lubbock had the funds to implement the LBP regulations. The housing inspectors are also trained and certified for the use of portable, on – site XRF testing of all the affected program projects. Having the staff well trained will save time and money over using outside contractors, thus making more funding available for additional projects.

In January 2000, the City contracted with the Texas Engineering Extension Service for certified LBP training for Contractor Supervisors, Workers, Inspectors and Risk Assessors. Seventeen contractor supervisors, eleven workers, eight City of Lubbock inspectors, two non-profit inspectors, one Housing Authority inspector, and one Texas Tech inspector completed Inspector Risk Assessor certification training. After completing the certification training the Texas Department of Health came to Lubbock and provided testing. TDH saved thousands of dollars of travel expenses for our contractors and the City of Lubbock. Congratulations go to the twelve (12) Contractor Supervisors and ten (10) Inspector Risk Assessors who passed the TDH test.

When the final rule came into effect September 15, 2000 the City of Lubbock was ready to continue its programs.

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