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Did You Know?

  • Lubbock Animal Services is the largest animal shelter on the South Plains, is committed to caring for the more than 15,000 animals annually rescued from Lubbock.
  • Lubbock Animal Services is an open-door shelter that provides lost and found services, animal adoptions, humane education, cruelty investigations, and enforces the laws regarding animals for the City of Lubbock. Lubbock Animal Services also accept animals from outside the city limits for a fee.
  • The Lubbock Animal Service Shelter serves as a temporary home for lovable, adorable puppies and kittens, faithful and devoted adult cats and dogs, and just about every other furry, scaly, or feathered species of animal people keep!
  • All animals brought into the Lubbock Animal Services Shelter are given quality care by shelter staff to make their stay here as comfortable as possible. Nearly 50% of the animals brought to the shelter are turned over by their owners.
  • The number of REQUESTS FOR SERVICE for animal pick ups are approximately 20,000 calls per year, and this includes urban wildlife.
  • Rescue or Animal Welfare Group: Lubbock Animal Services utilizes recognized animal welfare groups to place as many animals as possible in loving homes.
  • Lubbock Animal Services strives to reunite owners with their missing companion animals. We will go to great lengths to get a pet back home. Pets with identification can be returned to their owners as soon as the owners are contacted!!!
  • The Lubbock Animal Services investigates approximately 500 animal bites per year.
  • Lubbock Animal Services offers education to the public on how to be a responsible animal owner, what to use as proper identification for your pet, the importance of regular veterinary care and promotion to spay/neuter animals.
  • Lubbock Animal Services works closely with South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to care for and rehabilitate all wildlife. If you find injured wildlife, DO NOT attempt to pick it up. Call Lubbock Animal Services immediately to pick up the animal for transport to Wildlife Rehab.